What are the product specifics?

  • 5ml/ 0.16 fl oz glue capacity

  • UV light twist cap with built-in battery

  • Resealable glue barrel and twist and lock to the UV light cap

  • Point and hold UV light over glued area for 5 or more seconds to create a strong bond. Larger surfaces with more glue will require more time to cure.

  • Dries clear

  • Bonds to: plastic, metal, glass and more

  • Does not bond too well with fabric, wood and ceramics. These materials prevent the UV rays from reaching the crack you are bonding

  • Product Size with Cap: 180 x 26 mm



Packaging Includes:

  1. Box

  2. Glue Barrel & Pusher

  3. UV LED Light Cap with built-in battery

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