• Does SpectroSeal works without UV light? - No. The photochemical reaction for hardening is not possible without exposure to the UV wavelength. SpectroSeal includes a UV light source built-in for convenient access. No more waiting for glue to dry.

  • Does SpectroSeal works like glue? - Although it functions as an adhesive, think of SpectroSeal as more of a plastic weld. There is no need to apply pressure or squeeze the items being bonded together. Your items are bonded in seconds.

  • Can my children use this? - Although SpectroSeal tends to be a cleaner and easier way of bonding different objects together, we do recommend parental supervision.

  • Can plates and cups that have been repaired with SpectroSeal go in the dishwasher? -Yes, SpectroSeal is waterproof and resistant to high temperatures.

  • Because SpectroSeal involves liquid plastic, can I fabricate a missing part with it? - Yes. Whether you're looking to duplicate a missing piece or come up with something entirely new, SpectroSeal is ideally suited for those tiny creations. Cured SpectroSeal items can be sanded, shaped, and painted.

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